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Solo Exhibition

A mosaic master turned "slab glass" master, for 30 years, Christophe Dénoux has focused on the balance between colour and shape in creating timeless work. Most commissions for these one-of-a-kind works have been from discriminating collectors around the world. With his particular desire to pursue perfection, each element of Christophe's creation is never repeated and therefore every artwork is unique. 
By combining these natural resources with artisan tradition, he aims to renew ancient techniques whilst giving them a contemporary appeal. Interpreting slab glass colours into a sculptural form, he uses dimension and colour to touch the viewer's deepest emotions hoping to transport them in time and for all seasons.

法國藝術家 Christophe Dénoux是一位用馬賽克和琉璃創作藝術作品近三十多年的藝術大師,這是他首次在香港法國五月藝術節中展出他的最新琉璃雕塑創作, 名為希望之靈光。這些獨一無二的藝術作品,每一件都體現了Christophe與其自我的創作對話,表達了多年來無與倫比的琉璃雕琢工藝,他曾參與過不少大大小小的國際藝術項目,其中包括巴黎的歷史建築比如巴黎威斯汀酒店,巴黎嬌蘭,歐洲大使館以及多個中東地區的皇家項目。Christophe Dénoux的藝術作品以其大膽創新的概念和精湛細緻而聞名。 希望之靈光的光、色和概念反映了中西方美學的和諧,不僅照亮了它們所處的空間,也照亮了觀賞者的心。

Christophe Denoux  Timeless.jpeg
Christophe Denoux_Just A Wingspan Away_G
Christophe Hope of Light
Christophe Hope of Light
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