Louis To / 杜煥

Louis To Wun.png

Louis To / 杜煥 (b.1971) is a very versatile artist, his works range from Chinese to Western painting to sculpture in the Fine Arts, to candy and bamboo sculpting in the traditional crafts that he explores in contemporary ways.

He never saw a hierarchy between arts and was always interested in different techniques and materials. Fascinated by the intangible heritage craft of bamboo sculpting, Louis used this vernacular medium to create in a contemporary visual language. He blended an Eastern tradition with modern Western aesthetics, to create a drastically contemporary three-dimensional painting with bamboo sculpture. He taught himself by tirelessly repairing existing sculptures, thus studying the works of masters before him. Louis developed in own techniques (making his own breakthrough such as making the artworks waterproof) and style.  While the bamboo is bent in the shape desired by the artist, he also paints the paper that covers parts of the surface.